Spark-ignited generator sets are a convenient choice for a variety of emergency and standby applications, including healthcare, offices and retail businesses that require gaseous fuel options to meet local codes or fuel containment and economic requirements. They are available with natural gas, propane and duel fuel systems.

Installation and connection to the fuel source lines are both basic and convenient. As with our diesel generator sets, a complete selection of voltages, accessories, generator sets and control options are available for customizing to your specific needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple control system options, including NFPA 110 compliance
  • Natural gas, propane or dual fuel systems
  • Weather–protective and sound–attenuated enclosures address environmental concerns for outdoor installations (steel or aluminium)
  • Strong motor–starting capability and fast recovery from transient load changes to keep your site operational
  • Some models are available with optional closed–loop fuel control systems and three–way catalyst to limit emissions
  • U.S. EPA emissions compliance

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