softwarePowerCommand® software and networking tools let you easily manage on-site and off-site power systems from one location. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, a laptop or a cell phone, PowerCommand remote monitoring systems help you reduce power setup time, operation and maintenance.

PowerCommand® Network is an intelligent, distributed control and monitoring system for operating and monitoring on–site power systems. Intelligent because it employs control devices that communicate with each other via “smart” digital microprocessors, enhancing system functionality and performance. Distributed in the sense that the communications protocol is resident in every network module.

PowerCommand Network uses standard interfaces to communicate with all leading building management systems and automation packages. The easy to use system allows:

  • Local or remote monitoring and control
  • Real time data collection
  • Information retention and report generation

PowerCommand remote monitoring systems let you monitor generator set and transfer switch functions via the Internet.

You can:

  • Monitor remotely via wireless connection using cellular or satellite communications
  •  Communicate via an Ethernet connection, phone line or available wireless configuration
  • Connect via an Internet browser on a remote PC
  • Send alarms to cell phones, pagers or e-mail addresses
  • Display voltage and frequency of each source
  • Monitor one or two generator sets and up to four transfer switches

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