Exceptionally quiet, our rental generator sets are designed to improve profitability for the owner. With more built features as standard they provide easier maintenance and transportability, as well as greater reliability.


• External emergency stop button
• Canopies are compliant to the 2000/14/CE step 2006 and are suitable for the most demanding applications, particularly in residential areas
• Single point lift up to 100 kVA or patented two point recessed lift from 150 kVA and above to avoid roof access and reduce the risk of fall
• For better operation, all packages are proposed in Prime Power Rating
• Acoustic insulation helps reduce noise levels
• Internal fill up helps prevent spillage into the environment
• Fork-lift capability on all models up to 200 kVA
• Easy connection bus bar eliminates the risk of accidental contact
• Four pole CB with earth leakage protection
• Lockable doors to help prevent unauthorised access
• Window allows visibility of the controller whilst doors are closed
• Large double access door
• Easy access to the fuel and oil fill up, drainage and filters
• Easy external access to the radiator compartment

Additional features:

• Dual frequency capability (except models fitted with sockets)
• Remote start capability
• Pre-filter fuel/water separator
• Adjustable earth leakage protection
• Battery isolator switch


Designed with serviceability and durability in mind, the PowerBox is available in two sizes and is noise-level compliant with EC regulations 2000/14/EC Step 2006 and includes 4 x ISO corner and pole slots for shipment.

  • 20’/40’ ISO container (CSC certified)
  • Acoustic baffles for the air inlet and outlet
  • Sandwich mineral wool attenuation
  • Fuel tank optional
  • Wooden internal floor
  • 2 side doors with recessed stainless steel hinges
  • 24 volt lighting with timer
  • Residential silencer with stainless steel flexible bellows

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