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Sometimes it can be hard to see the difference between a genuine Cummins generator set and a non-genuine set, but it’s the little details that make a huge difference.

Non-genuine generator sets may be fitted with a Cummins engine but they are not built using the same procedures or materials to Cummins exact specifications.

Can you tell if your generator is Genuine?

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Non-genuine. Is a definite risk.

The proliferation of generator sets entering the South Pacific region fitted with cheap cloned and counterfeit parts is posing a serious threat to consumers.

Some Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in China are using Cummins based engines in generator sets and exporting the product to the South Pacific region as Cummins generator sets supported by Cummins’ genuine warranty.

“These engines are designed for Chinese domestic applications only,” says Birol Guler, General Manager of Cummins Power Generation in the South Pacific.

“Also, a generator fitted with a Cummins engine does not guarantee the generator is built to Cummins’ exact specifications. The use of non-genuine components in generator sets can result in poor reliability, even failure.”

Since these non-genuine parts look like the original, many consumers are misled into thinking they are buying the genuine Cummins generator set.

“Cummins has tested a number of non-genuine parts and found they do not perform to the same standard as genuine Cummins parts.

“Other manufacturers may claim their parts will work in a Cummins generator set, but the fact is only genuine Cummins parts are built to meet the original factory specifications while using the latest materials, component designs and manufacturing techniques.”

Only generator sets manufactured at Cummins factories are fully supported with worldwide warranty and backed by Cummins’ extensive parts and service network in the South Pacific.

Counterfeiting is a global problem

Companies invest significant amounts of time, resources and effort developing their products to ensure they perform well, meet strict safety regulations and are made of quality materials. This may be absent in illegal, counterfeit and imitation products.

Cummins Power Generation is committed to protecting customers by guiding our customers to the correct channels to buy genuine.

Some Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) within China are using Cummins based engines and exporting this equipment to the South Pacific region and marketing the product as Cummins generator sets supported by Cummins genuine warranty. These engines are designed for Chinese domestic applications only.

We want to clear up the facts around product warranty and support coverage for Cummins engines used in Power Generation OEM equipment from China.

  • Warranty coverage only covers the base engine as built and shipped from the Cummins engine manufacturing plants.
  • Owners of generator sets with a base Cummins engine will need to contact their supplier(s) for all warranty outside of base engine.
  • Cummins takes no responsibility for workmanship and interfacing between the engine and off engine components. This is the responsibility of the equipment manufacturer/supplier.
  • Cummins South Pacific can only carry out repairs on engines if the generator set meets Australian Design standards and Electrical Compliance.
  • Cummins South Pacific can only guarantee parts availability and trained technicians for genuine product.

Buying from Cummins or an authorised dealer will guarantee full factory warranty for your complete generator set. Only Cummins branches and authorised dealers are authorised to sell Cummins product and guarantee full warranty and after-market support.

Find your nearest Cummins branch or dealer here.

If you have purchased outside authorised locations, you can verify your warranty coverage by calling the Cummins Support Centre and quoting the engine and generator serial numbers

How to check your Cummins generator is genuine

Contact our 24/7 Cummins Support Centre and have your engine number ready.

To learn more on warranty support for DCEC and CCEC engines download our warranty statement here.

PowerCommand® control is unique to a Cummins generator set. The PowerCommand control system is a microprocessor-based monitoring, metering and control system designed to meet the demands of today’s engine driven generator sets. The integration of all control functions into a single control system provides enhanced reliability and performance compared with conventional generator set control systems.

Non-genuine generator sets come in various colours with inferior build quality and materials. These generator sets may not meet Australian or ISO standards. They are not supported with Cummins’ worldwide warranty. Also, parts and service for those non-genuine gensets may not be held or supported by Cummins.

“Using non-genuine parts can result in rapid wear, poor reliability, high oil consumption and even generator set failure,” says John Bortolussi, director of engineering for Cummins South Pacific.

The Power Promise

Return on Investment

Buying a Cummins provides value and assurance over the lifetime of the product.

Confidence in quality

We guarantee that every product we produce matches the quality, robustness, and proven performance you expect from the Cummins range. Built to our quality assured standards Cummins products benefit from a global support network, extensive research and development, and world-leading expertise.

Global Service Customer Support

End-to-end customer service and support and the most comprehensive service network in the world ensures quality for your business.

Customer Support from Cummins Power Generation is more than just generators.

It is thousands of certified service technicians, trained and equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair tools. It is distribution centres, dedicated personnel and service trucks delivering the highest-quality parts – genuine Cummins.

Genuine reasons to buy genuine Cummins.

  •  Made for Australian conditions to meet Australian standards
  • Single-company design and manufacture of all key systems
  • Backed by the largest service support network in the industry
  • Emissions leadership with class leading fuel efficiency
  • Reliability and durability.

To learn how Cummins Generator Technologies is protecting its customers from the dangers of counterfeiting click here.