Engineered reliability for data centre power.

In today’s information-driven economy, data centres are the backbone of modern business — and power is the lifeblood.

We’ve engineered backup power system innovations that deliver reliable power in emergency scenarios while providing the operational flexibility that data centres demand. Cummins’ global distribution network and data centre expertise provide total life cycle support and a single point of contact no matter where you’re located.

Focused innovation, global Influence

Our comprehensive focus on innovation and global presence is concentrated on achieving one thing: data centre reliability for our customers. It’s an approach we like to call Data Power. And it’s the reason many of the world’s largest and fastest-expanding enterprises entrust Cummins with their data centre’s backup power system.

Achieving Uptime Reliability Through Focused Innovation.If power is the lifeblood of the data centre, then backup power is the data centre’s life support system. While data centre designs, requirements and specifications are as varied as the industries they support, one thing remains constant: uptime reliability is the ultimate objective. With our unwavering focus on innovation, Cummins Power Generation has pioneered technologies that set the standard for modularity and reliability in data centre backup power systems.

Best available technology for best-in-class data centres

Best-in-class data centres demand specialized power system capabilities. Our data centre-focused engineering team is constantly in pursuit of new technologies tailored to optimize backup power system reliability. In-engine advancements and aftertreatment systems permit environmentally responsible power system usage, even in the most stringent locations. Advanced paralleling systems provide automated digital control of startup, synchronization and no-break power transitions in 10 seconds or less. Custom data centre load ratings allow for unlimited hours of operation, with no restrictions on average variable load factor.

Demonstrated global expertise

Technology-driven businesses and industries with data centres as their backbone aren’t limited by national (or continental) borders. And neither are we. Cummins maintains a vast network of data centre experts in every corner of the world. Our global distribution network professionals are trained and equipped to execute on your exacting requirements and are adept at handling regional nuances — from electrical codes to contractor relationships.

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