Cummins has established two Master Rebuild Centres in Australia to guarantee the quality of its high horsepower engine rebuilds.

The Master Rebuild Centres, in Brisbane and Perth, are quality certified to ISO 9001 and deliver Certified Rebuilt high horsepower engines through best practice manufacturing and planning.

High horsepower engines are complex to manufacture because of the diverse range of markets and applications they go into, along with the range of diesel and natural gas technologies that are necessary to support these markets. Consistent build quality is thus critical.

An engine that has undergone Cummins’certified rebuild process provides as-new reliability and life-to-overhaul, and also carries a new engine warranty of 12 months and unlimited hours.

Cummins’ high horsepower range spans 450 hp to 3,500 hp and encompasses engines with displacements of 19, 23, 30, 38, 45, 50, 60 and 78 litres.

These engines, which include in-line six, V12, V16 and V18 configurations, operate in mining, power generation, marine, gas and oilfield pumping, forestry and rail applications.

Master Rebuild Centre brochure