Engine data on display – right from your dashboard


Cummins is the innovator and market leader in on-vehicle digital display units for diesel engines. Over 100,000 RoadRelay units have been sold, making this product line the world’s best-selling on-board computer for medium and heavy-duty vehicles. The latest and most advanced product, RoadRelay 5, provides more powerful vehicle monitoring capabilities, such as expanded trip information, better vehicle protection, and more accurate fuel economy tracking.

RoadRelay 5 is a dashboard-mounted display which allows easy readability of engine parameters and trip data broadcast over the public SAE J1587 or J1939 data links, whether that data is from an electronically-controlled Cummins diesel engine or that of any other manufacturer. RoadRelay 5 reads information from electronic diesel engines in applications ranging from medium and heavy-duty trucks to motorhomes and buses. It provides insight into how to increase productivity, reduce fuel costs and protect the investment.

Each Cummins RoadRelay 5 kit contains a custom display unit, wiring harnesses, and mounting hardware. Connect all the harness connectors, mount the display unit, and you are ready to capture all the engine and trip information you will need to save fuel, protect your vehicle, and improve driving performance.

Better productivity.

RoadRelay 5 displays and records critical information, including fuel usage, distance, idle time, power take-off (PTO) and other operating modes. You can also identify and track performance data for up to 16 different drivers in a single vehicle.

Better spec’ing and customisation.

RoadRelay 5 works with Cummins PowerSpec, a free configuration tool that allows you to quickly modify individual RoadRelay parameters to match a specific need or to make sure settings are identical across an entire fleet.

Better service info.

RoadRelay 5 tracks customisable service intervals for oil changes, filter changes, coolant system flushes and many other common serviceable components, notifying you when maintenance is needed. If a serviceable item is not listed, you can create your own using the customisable preventative maintenance option.

Better user interface.

A graphical liquid crystal display (LCD) makes the unit easier to read and use in direct sunlight and automatically dims when the vehicle headlights are turned on for night driving. There’s an adjustable brightness control, and the six keys are backlit for easy viewing, day or night. In addition, the navigational arrow keypad and an icon menu-driven display make it easy to find the information you need. RoadRelay 5 monitors your powertrain

Better vehicle protection.

RoadRelay 5 monitors your powertrain and all connected subsystems. If an unexpected event happens, RoadRelay 5 will tell you how to minimise potential damage. The popular antitheft feature is now integrated with Driver ID, allowing you to use one password to secure your vehicle and to keep track of individual driver data.

Better connectivity.

RoadRelay 5 includes two Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports. The USB port on the front panel makes it easy to download data with PowerSpec or other RP1210A-compliant applications, while the port on the back can be used for attaching a keypad or for future expandability. There are two serial ports as well. One is configurable, allowing you to connect with a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, a modem or a device using the Cummins Open Interface Specification. The second serial port allows for an additional PowerSpec or other RP1210A-compliant applications.

Better integration.

Earlier versions of RoadRelay required a separate INLINE™ adapter when downloading information. RoadRelay 5 has the INLINE adapter built into the unit, eliminating hassle and extra expense.

Upgrading from a RoadRelay 4.

RoadRelay 5 uses the same electrical connections, so you can just pull out the RoadRelay 4 and connect RoadRelay 5 for an instant upgrade. RoadRelay 5 also incorporates a lithium rechargeable/replaceable backup battery, reducing the risk of memory loss.

Every question answered.

For more information about RoadRelay 5, visit roadrelay.cummins.com, see your local Cummins – distributor or call 1300 Cummins (1800 286 646) if calling from Australia or 800 Cummins (0800 286 646) if calling from New Zealand.

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