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Valvoline Premium Blue 8600

The only one good enough for Cummins. The first OEM endorsed CK-4 Diesel Engine Oil. 

Valvoline Premium Blue™ 8600 diesel engine oil was developed to meet the new oil specification category, CK-4, which the American Petroleum Institute (API) developed to meet the requirements of next-generation heavy-duty engines. Released to the Australian market in December 2016, the API CK-4 oil specification replaces the previous API CJ-4 oil, which was industry standard for over a decade. 

Valvoline Premium Blue™ 8600 oil uses the latest generation additive technology for enhanced engine deposit protection, oxidation and sludge control, and provides superior engine cleanliness over the oil drain intervals – which can be extended up to 60,000 km. This extended oil drain interval has been tried and tested over millions of kilometres with local real work applications in the Cummins ISXe5/X15 engines.

Our customers can have peace of mind that Valvoline Premium Blue™ 8600 will provide ultimate performance in our engines, which is why Valvoline Premium Blue™ is exclusively recommended and endorsed by Cummins.

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