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Cummins Genuine Coolants.

Market leading heavy duty coolants designed to protect your asset.

Our comprehensive line of cooling system products & services includes everything you need to ensure an easy, trouble-free cooling maintenance program:

  • Fully formulated heavy duty antifreeze/coolants
  • Extenders and Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs)
  • Cooling system cleaners
  • Water filters – standard and extended service
  • Bulk coolant solutions
  • Field and laboratory testing


  • An Advanced Extended Life heavy duty fully formulated Propylene Glycol based Coolant.
  • Suitable for use in Heavy and medium duty on-road and off-road truck  and equipment, light duty engines, 4WDs, utes and passenger cars
  • PGXL® Vital uses Organic Additive Technology (OAT) for advanced corrosion protection.
  • Improved environmental formulation meets global OEM requirement for coolant containing no borates, nitrites, amines, phosphates or silicates (BNAPS free).


  • PGXL® HD is a premium heavy duty fully formulated Extended Life Propylene Glycol based Coolant.
  • Heavy and medium duty on-road and off-road truck and equipment
  • PGXL® HD uses hybrid technology that combines the best of OAT and conventional inhibitor technologies to enhance corrosion protection performance.

To learn more about Coolants & Chemicals, contact your local Cummins representative.

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