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Publish date: 05/08/2019

Fifty-four years ago, O’Neil Transport had its humble beginnings in Wallace in country Victoria. While interstate linehaul today accounts for around 50% of the company’s revenue versus 40% for regional transport and 10% for intermodal container transport, the O’Neils – Tony and wife Anne-Maree – still consider themselves very much a country carrier at heart.

Publish date: 05/08/2019

The HSK78G is the second engine/generator set to emerge from a Cummins R&D project which represents an investment of more than US$1 billion. The first product was the QSK95, a 95-litre V16 that has set new efficiency standards as a 4000 hp-plus diesel engine and 3.75 MW generator set.

Publish date: 05/08/2019

One of the many old Cummins engines now treasured around the world can be found at Cummins Perth branch – and it was restored to running order for the company’s global 100th birthday celebrations in February. The 1929 single-cylinder Model F engine was originally owned by the Puglisi family who bought it for fishing off the NSW South Coast in the early 1930s, installing it in a timber boat called ‘Tory’.

Publish date: 05/08/2019

What is believed to be the oldest Cummins engine in Australia has been recovered after many years powering a milking machine on a dairy farm near Toowoomba in Queensland and then lying idle in a dismantled state due to a failed rod bearing. A 3 hp engine, it is thought to have been built in the first half of 1922 under a license granted by Robert M Hvid who owned the US patents for the fuel and combustion system.

Publish date: 03/25/2019

Read the latest issue of the Cummins Commentary to find out about the happenings in the world of Cummins both locally and globally.

Learn about Cummins’ last 100 years: the growth, the struggles, the successes and the failures; and read about our plan for the next 100 years. This issue also covers Clermont, the first mine in Australia to use the QSK78; the long-standing partnerships with John L Pierce Transport and Pickering Transport Group; and Cummins’ newest generator set, the HSK78G.