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Cummins Rail Engines

Better. Every Rail Operation.

Wherever there's advanced rail technology, you'll find Cummins power. 
When it comes to power for locomotives, passenger railcars and track maintenance equipment, Cummins is right on track.

Locomotive power

For locomotive power, Cummins offers a comprehensive range of high-performance, low-maintenance diesels to meet your needs. With ratings up to 2100 rpm, these engines are more fuel efficient, more space efficient, have longer service intervals and a higher power-to-weight ratio than low-speed units.

Passenger railcars

Cummins passenger railcar engines, for instance, utilise low-profile designs for use under the car floor, with access to service points from underneath the engine, not inside the passenger compartment.  

Track maintenance

Low cost-of-operation and high dependability also make Cummins engines ideal for track maintenance equipment. We know that for the trains to run on time every day, you have to keep your tracks up to speed - every day.

To learn more about Cummins rail engines, contact a local Cummins representative.

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Models and Ratings

ModelHorsepower (kW) @ RPMBrochure
N14 R350 hp (259) @ 2100N14-R brochure.pdf
N14E R518 hp (386) @ 2100
QSK19-800800 hp (597) @ 2100
QSK19 R MCRS760 hp (567) @ 2100QSK19 R MCRS Brochure.pdf
QSK19-R755 hp (563) @ 1800QSK19 R brochure.pdf
QSK23-C900900 hp (671) @ 1800
QST30-C1050 hp (783) @ 2000
QSK38 L MCRS1500 hp (1119) @ 1800
QSK45 L2000 hp (1491) @ 1900
QSK50 L2000 hp (1491) @ 1800
QSK60 L MCRS2700 hp (2013) @ 1800
QSK78 L3300 hp (2461) @ 1800
QSK95 L MCRS4400 hp (3282) @ 1800 QSK95 brochure.pdf