Cummins South Pacific has announced extended oil drain intervals of up to 60,000 km for its market-leading 15-litre ISXe5 on-highway engine.

For normal-duty applications, where fuel consumption is above 1.5 km/litre, ISXe5 customers will be able to extend oil drain intervals to 60,000 km using the recently released Valvoline Premium Blue 8100 oil.

Alternatively, oil drain intervals can be extended to 50,000 km using any 15W40 oil brand meeting CES 20081.

The extended oil drain intervals do not require oil sampling. However, they do require the use of Fleetguard’s fuel filter and its patented Nanonet technology for oil filtration.

“The extended oil drain intervals further support our focus on delivering industry-leading total cost of ownership with the ISXe5,” says Mike Fowler, director of on-highway business for Cummins South Pacific.

The announcement of the extended oil drain intervals for the Australian and New Zealand markets follows the most extensive oil validation field testing ever carried out by Cummins Inc.

The project began in November 2014 and included over 12 months of field testing across many geographic locations and in multiple-duty cycle operations including single trailer,      B-double and roadtrain. The project clocked up over seven million kilometres of field test data.

Since its release in 2013, more than 6000 Cummins ISXe5 engines have entered service in Australia and New Zealand in the most diverse and arduous applications, and they have accumulated over 2.5 billion kilometres while establishing class-leading fuel economy, performance and reliability.

Cummins recently announced the release of the new Valvoline Premium Blue 8100/7800/7700 diesel engine oil range. The new products have been updated to meet the latest Cummins

Engineering Standard approvals and global oil registration process, and include a new technology formulation specially designed for Cummins engines.

The new product brand names have been introduced to reflect the Cummins Engineering Standard number applicable to each oil and further demonstrate Premium Blue as ‘The Only One’ Cummins recommends and endorses for its engines.

“We wanted to ensure that any new lube oil product release would be thoroughly tested and validated to truly understand performance benefits for our customers,” says Mike Fowler.


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