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Nelson Global Products designs, manufactures, and markets a diverse portfolio of exhaust, engine, emissions, insulating and noise-dampening solutions for the global medium and heavy duty On Highway vehicles, Off Highway vehicles, and the Power Sports and Outdoor Equipment markets.

Nelson Global Products has been in the market since 1939 and they are uniquely able to service their customers globally through 15 state of the art facilities in North America, South America, China, India, and Australia.

Nelson Global products has been partnered with Cummins since 1997 as a key distributor of many aftermarket exhaust products such as:

  • Chrome Exhaust Stacks (Deflector, Mitre cut and Straight cut)
  • Exhaust Clamps (V-Band, Wide Band, Flat and Guillotine)
  • Rubberwear (Elbow and Hump Hoses)
  • Flame Proof Tanker Kits
  • Flex Connectors (Bellows and Flex Tube)
  • Heat Shields
  • Mufflers
  • Silent Raincapes
  • Spark Arrestors

To learn more about Nelson Global Products, please contact your local Cummins representative.

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