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The X15 was not the only Euro 6 engine Cummins unveiled at the Brisbane Truck Show. The 12-litre X12 was also on display and, like its 15-litre stablemate, has the design aim of being EGR-free for the next round of emissions regulations.
The X12, which uses SCR/AdBlue technology for Euro 6, is the next generation evolution of a 12-litre Cummins platform that is already proven in applications worldwide as the ISG.
The Euro 5 version of the 12-litre Cummins has been on test in Australia since early 2015 rated at 500 hp and 1700 lb ft of torque, achieving the highest power-to-weight ratio of any engine in the 10-to-16-litre class.
“The results of the field test have exceeded all expectations,” says Mike Fowler, director of engine business for Cummins South Pacific. “As industry and government shift their focus to energy productivity, the X12 hits the target.”
The innovative architecture of the X12 results in a remarkably low engine weight of just over 900 kg achieved through a sculptured block design and the use of high-strength composite materials.
The X12 incorporates Cummins’ XPI (Extreme Pressure Injection) common rail fuel system, derived from the X15. Generating injection pressures in excess of 30,000 psi, the XPI system improves combustion and fuel economy, reduces noise and enables fast response at low rpm. A standard wastegate turbocharger is also used.
The use of a rear geartrain contributes to overall engine refinement by reducing vibration and lowering noise.
The X12 offers enhanced fuel efficiency through parasitic reducing technology without variable-flow pumps that add unnecessary cost and reduce reliability. Its single cam in-head design with roller valve train and high-efficiency intake ports continues the design theme of minimum complexity and maximum efficiency.

Cummins’ expertise in aftertreatment solutions is demonstrated […]


Cummins unveiled its next generation X15 at the Brisbane Truck Show to dispel any industry concerns over the engine architecture needed for Euro 6 emissions compliance.
The X15 continues to use SCR/AdBlue technology for Euro 6 along with the addition of Cummins’ new ‘Single Module’ aftertreatment system.
“The Euro 6 engine does not require a combination of EGR and SCR,” confirms Mike Fowler, Cummins South Pacific’s director of engine business.
He points out that while Australia’s next round of on-highway emissions regulations may still be several years away, Cummins, as diesel technology leader, is unveiling its next generation X15 in Australia to instill market confidence in its future product.
“We are giving our customers confidence that the X15 they have now will be very similar to the X15 they will have for Euro 6,” he says.
“Our EGR-free Euro 6 platform is the right technology in that it builds on the attributes of our Euro 5 X15 engine while continuing to emphasise simplicity – the critical ingredient in the recipe for reliability and durability, the foremost requirement of our customers.
“In fact, the X15 Euro 6 differs very little in architecture to our Euro 5 engine,” he adds. “For example, a simple wastegate turbocharger is used along with Cummins’ well-proven XPI common rail fuel system.
“Significantly, there will be fuel economy gains with the X15 Euro 6 due to optimised ratings and further improvements to powertrain integration including the use of new predictive technologies.”
He points out that additional efficiencies have been gained throughout the Euro 6 engine by minimising friction losses in the gear train, lube system and power cylinder.
Exhaust aftertreatment for the X15 Euro 6 features Cummins’ new ‘Single Module’ technology – a one-piece design that integrates both the SCR […]

New operations director for Cummins South Pacific

Ben Lister has been appointed director of operations for Cummins South Pacific.

Lister joined Cummins in 2015 as aftermarket director and in his new role takes over from Steph Disher who is now managing director of Cummins South Pacific.

“As aftermarket director, Ben Lister provided leadership, strategic direction and renewed customer focus for the Cummins South Pacific business,” said Disher.

As director of operations, Lister is responsible for Cummins’ parts and service operations and customer support excellence across the company’s 35 branches in the South Pacific region (Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea).

Prior to joining Cummins, Lister held senior management roles in the sales and marketing, operations and engineering fields. These included time in the oil and gas sector at Shell where he served as the national mining and construction sales manager, and at Renold, an international engineering group, where he ran its national sales and marketing and branch operations.

Lister has a Bachelor of Engineering (Manufacturing Systems) from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of Western Australia.


T&Cs – Extended Oil Drain Interval


Extending your ISXe5 engine oil drain intervals to 60,000 km using Valvoline Premium Blue 8100TM diesel engine oil, can save you thousands and thousands of dollars.
Check with your local Cummins branch or dealer for full details on Cummins’ extended oil drain intervals for the ISXe5.
Savings model based on life of engine at 1.2 millon kms* , ISXe5 or X15 Cummins engine models with current service intervals from 30,000kms or 40,000kms moving to 60,000kms under Cummins tested and validated product Valvoline Premum Blue 8100TM. Valvoline Premium Blue 8100TM diesel engine oil $3.95 per ltr , cost of approved oil filtration Fleetguard LF14000NN $55 per unit , down time cost savings of 200 per hour by 3 hours , cost labour and oil change out $160 . Savings advertised may vary from customer to customer depending on customers application , duty cylce , fuel burn and hours , current intervals and current filtration and oil costs and down time savings. Cummins intends to review each customers situation upon enquiry and estimate the potential savings available, which may be higher or lower than example provided. All pricing excludes GST.


Eaton and Cummins Inc. Announce Joint Venture

COLUMBUS, Ind. Power management company Eaton (NYSE:ETN) and global power leader Cummins Inc. (NYSE:CMI) today announced an agreement to form a joint venture for automated transmissions for heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial vehicles. The joint venture will be named Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies.

Cummins and Eaton will each own 50 percent of the new joint venture. The formation of the joint venture is subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions. The parties expect the transaction to close in the third quarter of 2017. Cummins will consolidate joint venture results as part of its Components business segment.

“Customers are focused on powertrain solutions that provide the best combination of technology, performance and quality,” said Craig Arnold, Eaton chairman and chief executive officer. “Our joint venture with Cummins will leverage the technical strengths and experience of two industry leaders with long histories and deep industry expertise to provide superior automated transmission technology for our global customers.”

“Our growth strategy includes expanding our product offerings and extending our global footprint by becoming the world’s leading powertrain supplier,” said Tom Linebarger, chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc. “Our JV with Eaton will deliver the most advanced automated transmissions and develop an integrated powertrain and service network that supports our customers like never before. Just as we’ve done for the past 100 years, we will use our experience in partnerships and technological expertise to ensure our customers’ success.”

The global joint venture will provide customers with industry-leading transmission technologies and solutions that deliver best-in-class fuel efficiency, performance and uptime while leveraging both Cummins’ and Eaton’s global service and support networks. The joint venture will design, assemble, sell and support all future medium-duty and heavy-duty automated transmissions for the commercial vehicle market. Eaton’s current […]

Leadership changes at Cummins South Pacific

Andrew Penca has been appointed executive director – Asia Pacific Distribution for leading heavy-duty diesel engine supplier Cummins Inc.

In this expanded role, he will lead the broader Cummins sales, service and support business in the Asia Pacific region of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea (Cummins South Pacific), Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea and Japan.

Stephanie Disher takes over from Penca as managing director – Cummins South Pacific. She has led the company’s branch network and operations business since May 2015. Prior to this she served as the finance director for the company.

Penca joined Cummins South Pacific as managing director and general manager in 2014 and has led the organisation through a myriad of strategy and effectiveness initiatives. These include significant systemic and behavioural based improvements in OHS&E, product improvements in both the on-highway and off-highway markets, and improvements in overall sales, service, and support capabilities.

Penca, who will remain based in Melbourne, has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, with honours in International Management, from Butler University (Indianapolis), and an MBA in finance and accounting from the University of Southern California. He is also a Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

As operations director, Disher has led a number of strategic and operational initiatives for Cummins South Pacific, including key customer service and support technology initiatives, continued improvements in customer satisfaction and continued growth in aftermarket sales and support business. Cummins has 35 branches in the South Pacific region.

Prior to joining Cummins, Disher spent 13 years as an executive in the oil and gas industry. She held business and functional management roles with BP in Australia and Asia Pacific. Disher has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from University of Western Sydney and an MBA from Melbourne […]

Cummins announces the X15 for 2017

Cummins will release the X15 Euro 5 in 2017, an evolutionary development of the 15-litre ISXe5, the biggest selling engine in the Australian heavy-duty truck market.
“The X15 uses the same hardware and emissions reduction technology – SCR – as the existing ISXe5, and incorporates all the product improvements since the ISXe5 release in 2012, including power cylinder, cylinder head and turbocharger upgrades,” says Andrew Penca, managing director of Cummins South Pacific.

“The X15 features ADEPT technology – a suite of advanced electronic features capable of delivering fuel economy gains through improved powertrain integration.

“Another feature to be released with the X15 is Connected Diagnostics, a telematics solution that delivers instant and expert diagnosis of engine faults to the customer.”

ADEPT – Advanced Dynamic Efficient Powertrain Technology – is for use with Eaton’s 18-speed automated UltraShift Plus transmission and has been under field test in Australia since early 2016.

It utilises load, speed and grade-sensing technology to initiate adjustments to engine power, torque and transmission gear selection to take advantage of vehicle momentum for better fuel economy.
The first ADEPT package includes two features: SmartCoast and SmartTorque.
SmartCoast operates when the vehicle is on a moderate downhill grade by disengaging the front box of the transmission and returning the engine to idle to reduce drag, maintain momentum, and ultimately improve fuel economy. Once the engine commands the transmission to be put back in gear, the appropriate gear is engaged.

SmartTorque uses torque management intelligence to help eliminate unnecessary downshifts and keep the engine operating in the most fuel efficient ‘sweet spot’. Torque is varied across all gears depending on torque requirement.

For Australian operating conditions, the torque varies up to 1850 lb ft or 2050 lb ft depending on the horsepower and peak […]

A special breed

Rob Cavanagh is passionate about his business… his customers, his people, his equipment suppliers.


Over the past 28 years, Rob Cavanagh has gone from being a single truck operator working as a sub-contractor to running a fleet of 35 livestock trucks across NSW, Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

Originally from Casino in far north NSW, he grew up on a mixed beef and dairy farm, a background that gave him the experience in dealing with saleyards and abattoirs.

Today, he owns two NSW-based livestock haulage operations – Cavanagh’s Transport in Inverell which he set up with a single truck in 1988, and Stockmaster in Tamworth which he bought from Jim and Helen Savage in 2010. Both operations retain their own brands but are run from the same office in Tamworth.

“Stockmaster was a company with similar values to ours and it has allowed us to better service our client base as well as expand our geographic spread,” says Rob Cavanagh.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have had very loyal customers right from the start of my business. In fact, I’ve still got my foundation customers which I think is a great effort by everyone involved.”

600 hp Cummins the preferred choice.

Stockmaster runs 24 trucks today while Cavanagh’s has 11. The two operations have 37 B-double trailer sets, while several roadtrain combinations are also used for the haulage of cattle and sheep.

Cummins dominates in the Stockmaster and Cavanagh’s Transport fleets with eight of the latest generation 15-litre engines, the ISXe5, in service. The preferred rating is 600 hp with peak torque of 1850 lb ft. Kenworth’s K200 is the prime mover of choice.

“If there’s a weak spot in an engine we’ll find […]

Pumped on fuel savings

Cummins’ ISXe5 is delivering what Matthews Transport of WA wanted most of all – improved reliability and fuel economy.

The search for improved fuel economy and reliability were the key reasons Matthews Transport selected the 15-litre Cummins ISXe5 in 2013 as its standard engine brand.

Based at Kojonup in a rich pastoral district 260 km south-east of Perth in Western Australia, the company is currently operating 14 ISXe5 engines in a mix of Freightliner Argosy and Kenworth K200 prime movers.

The company, which had its origins in the early 1930s and now spans four generations of the Matthews family, hauls mainly grain, liquid and bulk fertilizer, and livestock.

Company-owned trucks total 15 but the fleet can swell to 40 units and more when sub-contractors are called in to move livestock. It’s not unusual for Matthews to move over 100,000 head of export sheep in one hit from the feedlot at Kojonup to Fremantle port.

Owner of the business Neville Matthews, whose grandfather was the founder, believes the fleet needs to be upgraded regularly for the company to remain competitive. He points out the company operated Volvos for many years before changing to Freightliners and Kenworths over the last eight years or so.

350,000 saving in fuel costs.

He estimates the company saved $350,000 in fuel costs in 2015 with the Cummins ISXe5. This was with fuel consumption averaging 1.5 km/litre for its fleet of B-doubles and road trains.

Prior to that, Matthews Transport was operating another engine brand in 14 Freightliners. “We constantly had our hand in our pockets with those engines,” says Neville Matthews.

Neville’s son Josh is involved in the business today along with sister Zara and brother Zac. Neville’s sister Colleen Matthews also works in the company. Josh, 32, […]

ISXe5 milestone: 5000th delivered

The 5000th Cummins ISXe5 engine sold in the South Pacific is now in service with Rocky’s Own Transport, the highly successful family business based in Rock Hampton, Queensland.

“The ISXe5 represents Cummins’ most successful ever introduction of a new heavy-duty truck engine in the South Pacific,” says Mike Fowler, director of automotive business for Cummins South Pacific.

“This is due in large part to the extensive field testing of the ISXe5 in Australia before its release. We began testing 15 engines early in 2012 in single trailer, B-double and road train applications, clocking up millions of kilometers before the release in 2013.”

Fowler points out Australia has been a global proving ground for Cummins truck engines since 2012, the benefits of which are seen in the success of the ISXe5, the biggest selling engine in Australia’s heavy-duty market.

Reliability, fuel economy rate highly.

Rocky’s Own is currently running 32 ISXe5 engines, their reliability and fuel economy rated highly by operations manager Rod Carige.

“I always hear if we’re having any product dramas… I’m not getting any phone calls about the ISXe5,” he says. “Fuel economy is very good too. Our driver trainer Bill Manton, who previously worked for Volvo, is very impressed with the fuel efficiency.”

Rocky’s Own was involved in the ISXe5 field test program, running two engines which are still in service today, each having clocked up close to 700,000 km at the end of November, 2015. Much of their work has been into some of the hottest areas of the country, as far afield as the Pilbara mining region in Western Australia.

Rocky’s Own runs a fleet of more than 130 prime movers and 220 trailers. The company’s beginnings in 1985 were modest, a couple of trucks and a […]